Handheld Soil Composition Element XRF Analysis Analyzer Spectrometer

Elements to be Analyzed and Test Modes Application fields Monitoring and remediation of environmental pollution is a serious situation and high-cost challenge all over the world, not only mathematical modeling and risk assessment of pollution places, Not only the hazardous or the toxic...

Product Details

Elements to be  Analyzed and Test Modes

Analysis mode

Analysis elements

TrueX 760

Standard configuration mode analysis range, such as special elements, can be added can analyze Mg,Al,Si,P,S,Cl,K,Ca,Ti,V,Cr,Mn,Fe,Co,Ni,Cu,Zn,As,Se,Rb,Sr,Y,Zr,Nb,Mo,Ag,Cd,Sn,Sb,W,Au,Hg, Pb,Bi,Ba,Th,U,Sc,Cs,Te,Pd,Hf,Ta,Re,Ge,Tl,I, totaling 47 elements.

Application  fields

Monitoring and  remediation of environmental pollution is a serious situation and high-cost  challenge all over the world, not only mathematical modeling and risk  assessment of pollution places,
 Not only the  hazardous or the toxic substances on-site monitoring and remove the lead(Pb) of  paint, but also the site collection, the fast accurate analysis of thousands of  samples is a must have the basic ability.
 But  unfortunately, in the past only depend on laboratory testing, spend much time  and a lot of cost.
 Now,  LANScientific can provide a better solution to you, the portable  spectrometer(TrueX) can achieve real-time detection on site, by using this  solution by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other major environmental  regulatory agencies in the world favor.

The portable  spectrometer(TrueX) just gently pulls the trigger, you can obtain the report of  elements on site, this spectrometers is very light and can be used in any  environment and weather conditions, you can easily detect RCRA metals, the main  pollutants and required items.

* Inspection and measurement rapidly of the  metal components of polluted water, waste water, the polluted ways, the  polluted boundary.
 * Real-time  monitoring RCRA related metals and priority control polluted metals.
 * Used to  analyze for sand, sludge, solid waste, soil, mud, dust, powder, filter  material, etc.
 * Used to  analyze for the original sand, polluted water, waste water on the site, and  provide the theoretical basis for pollution control, remedy means, deep analysis.
 * Some diseases  related some heavy metal because of pollution, such as: Cancer(Ni,Cr),   Nephrosis (As, Pb), liver disease (As, Cu), Dust lung disease (Fe),  Asthma (Ni), Parkinson's syndrome (Mn).

Technical parameters and  specifications


1.6Kg(with battery).


254 x 79 x 280 mm(L x W x H).

Excitation source

50KV/200μA maximum pipe pressure pipe flow can be adjusted freely,Agtarget (standard),Au,W,Rh target(optional).


SDD detector

Range of detection

All elements between Mg and U.

Display system

Industrial resistive touch screen with screen size of 4.3".
Proprietary operating system software and sound waves.
Multiple languages including English and Chinese.
And it automatically adjusts display brightness according to the environment brightness.

Data processing

32GB memory
USB, bluetooth, WIFI, or liked to the Internet; instrument can be configured and repaired remotely.
Data can be exported via EXCEL or PDF.  Users can customize the reports by adding their company logos,  addresses, test results, spectrum and others (such as product description, origin and batch  number).

Heat dissipation

Equipped with a dedicated T-shaped radiator to dissipate the heat;no need to wait for cooling of detector time again.


Built-in double beam technology can automatically sense whether  there is a sample at the measurement window. This is also a safety and protection feature.
Waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof suitcase
LANScientific Safety Band;

Power supply system

Intelligent battery management through MSBUS bus, real-time monitoring of the residual capacity of battery and backup battery. The battery complies with air transport regulations of dangerous goods.
A single battery can last 8 hours.