Advantages Of Metal Spectrometer Analyzer

- Sep 19, 2017-

A) high analysis speed. The determination of time is related to the precision of measurement, but generally is very short, 2-5 minutes to complete the sample of all the elements to be measured.

b x-ray fluorescence spectra are not related to the chemical bonding state of the sample, and are essentially unrelated to the state of solids, powders, liquids and crystalline and amorphous materials. (Gas seals can also be analyzed in the container) but in high resolution precision measurement can see the phenomenon of wavelength change. Especially within the range of Ultra soft X-rays, this effect is more significant. Wavelength change is used for the determination of degree.

c) Non-destructive analysis. In the determination of the chemical state will not cause changes, nor will the phenomenon of sample dispersal. The same specimen can be measured repeatedly, and the result is good reproducibility.

D X-ray fluorescence analysis is a physical analysis method, so the chemical properties of the same family elements can also be analyzed.

e) High precision analysis.

f) Simple preparation, solid, powder, liquid samples can be analyzed.