Methods and reports on soil detection and analysis

- Sep 19, 2017-

Analysis method

The first method: the standard method (i.e. the arbitration method), according to the soil Environmental Quality standard matching analysis method.

The second method: the method prescribed or recommended by the authoritative department.

The third method: according to the local facts, the choice of equivalent method, but should be the standard sample validation or comparison experiment, its detection limit, accuracy, precision is not lower than the corresponding general method requirements level or to be measured accurately quantitative requirements.

Analysis Report

Report name, lab name, report number, report per page and total page ID, sample location name, sampling time, analysis time, detection method, monitoring basis, evaluation criteria, monitoring data, single evaluation, overall conclusion, monitoring instrument number, checkout limit (not checked out when required), sampling point schematic, sampling (commissioned), Analyst, Report preparation, review, audit and issuer and time.

Soil Environmental Quality Assessment Report

The evaluation of soil environmental quality involves evaluation factors, evaluation criteria and evaluation model. The number of evaluation factors and project types depend on the purpose of monitoring and the actual economic and technical conditions. Evaluation standards often use national soil environmental quality standards, regional soil background values or sectoral (professional) soil quality standards. The evaluation model is commonly used in pollution index method or its related evaluation method.