Hand-held soil heavy Metal analyzer

- Sep 19, 2017-

1, the instrument smaller, lighter weight, easy to carry;

2, high-speed processing chip, advanced algorithm and efficient software to match, making the instrument analysis faster;

3, the use of imported high-performance X-ray emission tube and ultra-high resolution detector, combined with digital multi-channel processing technology, so that Truex handheld soil analyzer with ultra-high analytical accuracy;

4, in the measurement process, Truex left and right side of the radiation indicator automatic breathing flashing, built-in doublebeamâ„¢ technology automatic sensing instrument in front of samples, improve the safety and protection of radiation level;

5, Industrial resistive touch screen, compared to the capacitive screen has more excellent backlight performance, in the field of strong light is still visible, while eliminating the special environment in the field to remove the risk of gloves operation.

6, the fuselage using non-slip wear-resistant streamline design, very lightweight, easy to carry and transport, at the same time integrated with the forefront of the wave sound research and innovation, including: The new high-speed digital multi-channel technology, brand-new identification system, SUPER-FP algorithm, so that Truex handheld soil analyzer not only measurement speed faster, The measurement accuracy is higher and the measurement consistency is stronger.

7, with Msbus bus intelligent battery, real-time monitoring battery, standby battery can directly view the battery remaining capacity.